Views of Economic Inequality

Excessive Income Inequality

Excessive Economic Inequality Most Americans feel there’s too much inequality in he United States. Roughly half say that addressing this inequality requires making substantial changes to the economic system. Despite this, 70% of those who feel there is too much inequality also feel that some amount is inevitable and acceptable. 42% of Americans state that […]

Income Growth Quickest For Top 5%

Income Growth

Over recent decades, the growth in income has been slanted toward upper-income American households. While this is occurring, the middle class has been simultaneously shrinking. Consequently, more aggregate income is now making its way to upper-income household while the portion going to lower-income and middle-income households is shrinking. The proportion of Americans in middle-income households […]

Household incomes rising once more after long spell of stagnation

Wealth and Inequality

Scarcely a decade after the end of 2009’s Great Recession, the US economy is starting to improve on some fronts. With 110 consecutive months of employment growth, the labor market is setting post-WWII records. November 2019’s unemployment rate of 3.5% is a low not seen since the 1960s. Household incomes have also rebounded. Not all […]